Weathersymbols – Cloud and Air Pressure Development

Cloud cover
Symbols Code Description
cloud_cover_0-8 0/8 No clouds
cloud_cover_1-8 1/8 Sunny
cloud_cover_2-8 2/8 Bright
cloud_cover_3-8 3/8 Partially cloudy
cloud_cover_4-8 4/8 Half-cloudy
cloud_cover_5-8 5/8 Cloudy
cloud_cover_6-8 6/8 Heavily clouded
cloud_cover_7-8 7/8 Almost completely cloudy
cloud_cover_8-8 8/8 Overcast
cloud_cover_9-8 9/8 Sky not visible
This symbol is also used to indicate the position of the weather station. The other symbols are around this and the wind vane is attached to it.


Air pressure development (last three hours)
Symbols Description
atmospheric_pressure_tendency_2 Rising
atmospheric_pressure_tendency_0 Rising before a lesser fall
atmospheric_pressure_tendency_1 Rising, then stable
atmospheric_pressure_tendency_8 Rising or stable, then falling
atmospheric_pressure_tendency_3 Falling or stable, then rising
atmospheric_pressure_tendency_4 Stable
atmospheric_pressure_tendency_7 Falling
atmospheric_pressure_tendency_5 Falling then rising
atmospheric_pressure_tendency_6 Falling them stable