Ambient Weather Station WS2902aAbout this station

This weather station uses an Ambient Weather WS-2902A Station. The data on this site will be sent to and processed by Weather Underground, Ambient Weather Network, WeatherCloud and other weather services. The weather data is constantly measured and sent directly via a WIFI connection.
The station contains an anemometer, precipitation meter, thermo-hydro sensor, UV sensor and a light intensity meter. Everything placed in Savonranta in an almost optimal position for measuring correct data.

Our location is: Savonranta, Southern Savonia, Finland
Latitude: 62.212754631601236 | Longitude: 29.13947582244873 |
62° 12′ 47” N. | 29° 08′ 21” E.
Altitude: 86 meters (282.1522 ft.) | 

Metsäranta satelliet foto

About this site

This website was created as a public service for residents of Savonranta and surrounding areas. Our weather station is privately owned and operated, and should not be considered as an officially recognized station for weather reporting. Our site and station are both a hobby and experiment in weather-related computing.